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Crisis Management

Crisis Management - tranquilico.com:

*Meet with you to assess your companies crisis management needs.

*Prepare your crisis management policies and procedures, provided in electronic format so you can update yourselves going forward.

*Provide appropriate training to those who will be involved.

*Carry out simulation exercises to test your procedures

*Mentor the company through any major crises

*Despatch appropriate counselling or psychological staff or any other specialista required to the scene of an incident overseas.

*Provide advice and support  on a 24/7/365 basis

Crisis Management Training Courses  

* Half Day - Introduction to Crisis Management (including desktop simulation exercise)

* Half Day - Annual Refresher (including desktop simulation exercise)

* Half day - Desktop simulation exercise

* Full day - Trauma counselling workshop

* Half day - Telephone or face to face Techniques - dealing with traumatised customers

* Full simulations can be provided that will actually test your procedures with a 'lifelike' scenario suited to your business.




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