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May 10 - The volanic ash cloud continues to cause travel chaos, following the unprecedented closure of UK and European aisrpace for a week during April. Travel companies were just beginning to recover when these fresh ash clouds once again caused airport closures in Europe and the re-routing of transatlantic flights.

Operations departments, overseas suppliers, staff and customer contact centres are put to the test with incidents such as these. Use of your website can help a lot at this time - if you post regular updates, press statemets, policy statements and refund/ cancellation policies you can help to minimise calls into your business.

Warnings are this could be a summer of volcanic ash disruption - so businesses need to be prepared for this.



Apr 10 - For more information, news and discounts, sign up for our monthly e-news in the contact us section of this site. Every person who signs up also triggers a charitable donation.


£100 was raised for the LATA foundation last quarter.(Jan - Mar)



Apr 10 - tranquilico.com are now providing health & safety consultancy to  Abercrombie and Kent.



Abercrombie and Kent are one of the World leaders in Luxury Travel and their founder, Chairman and CEO Geoffrey Kent says:
"When I started Abercrombie & Kent 40 years ago, I dreamt of being able to offer the most inspirational experiences in the world. I understood that travel should be amazing, exciting, intriguing, rejuvenating and memorable. That's why I created a company staffed by the most knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic experts available.
With local guides on the ground in over 60 offices around the world, Abercrombie & Kent can provide you with exclusive insider access to experiences that other travel companies simply can't provide. So whether you want a tour of the pyramids with your own Egyptologist, would like to try your hand at elephant polo in Jaipur or browse the private art collection of the Medici's in Florence, our experts will know just how to make it happen. And as we are the partner of choice for many hotels and resorts, our clients are guaranteed to receive the best service available.

This combination of expertise and luxury creates truly inspirational travel experiences - something we like to call the Abercrombie & Kent difference."

tranquilico.com are delighted to be working with A&K on enhancing that difference to their customers.










Apr 10 - Tourists were forced to take cover in Bangkok this week after violent anti-government demonstrations left ten dead and injured more than 500.

Those in the Khao San Road area of the city - a favourite with foreign backpackers - fled as Thai soldiers and police clashed with protesters during two hours of fierce fighting.

Reports said that three 'Red Shirt' demonstrators, two soldiers and a Japanese journalist from the Thomson Reuters news agency were among the dead.

The Foreign Office are monitoring the situation carefully but are not advising against travel to Bangkok, (though some areas of Thailand they do) however, tour operators should be mindful of customers desire not to travel at this particular time given the current tension and potential for escalation. Allowing customers to delay departure or switch to an alternative destination is good customer service.
















Apr 10 - Everyone who signs up to our e-news from April to the end of June triggers a donation to our chosen charity for the quarter - The Travel Foundation.


Founded in 2003, The Travel Foundation is the travel industry's own charity, set up to respond to concerns over the sustainability of travel and tourism.

They are an independent UK charity which helps the travel industry understand, manage and take effective action on sustainable tourism

Travel arrangers can download useful tools from their website and also join their free forums to help them take effective action.
They also have a full programme of activities with projects in thirteen different overseas destinations.




















Mar 10 – Our March e-news has an article from mb law, discussing the recent court judgement against Inghams relating to theserious accident on one of their Skidoo Excursion’s. If you want to read the article please feel free to contact us via the contact us section and we will sign you up for our e-news.



















Mar 10 – We are continuing to support the LATA foundation this month, so if you get someone to sign up for our e-news before the end of the month, we will make a corporate donation to the foundation. They are currently working on ways to help those affected by the recent Chilean earthquake in conjunction with the Chilean Embassy, Tourist Board and Ministry of Tourism.











Mar 10 - For the month of March we are  offering £50 discount off our popular half day crisis management training course for any new bookings received.

The course must be booked in March and taken before the end of June 2010.
If you want to get your crisis management in order and provide 
training to your staff so they are aware of their responsibilities then get in touch this month.





Mar 10 - The Tsunami triggered by the Chilean earthquake caused an alarm to be spread across the whole of the pacific basin.

Chile initially failed to issue a Tsunami alert but when it realised some of its own coastline and islands had been affected they issued an alert to the Pacific Tsunami warning centre in Hawaii who advised 53 other countries who lay in the potential path of a destructive wave.
Fortunately the wave surges were not as bad as anticipated and the warnings were discontinued for most countries after a relatively short time.
However, the effects were felt as far away as Japan and the Alaskan coastline.
The largest earthquake ever recorded struck the same area of Chile on 22 May 1960. The magnitude-9.5 quake killed 1,655 people and left 2 million homeless, and caused a tsunami that killed people in Hawaii, Japan and the Philippines.









Mar 10 -  Despatching Trauma counsellors to customers overseas doesn't have to be a hugely costly exercise. At tranquilico.com our BACP members are all qualified to deliver face to face 'de-fusing' and have extensive trauma and grief experience.

Telephone counselling can also be offered to clients, either whilst they are still in resort or more often when they return to the UK.
Face to Face counselling can also be provided to customers on their return to the UK. Our tranquilico.com counsellor can visit them in the comfort of their own home once they are safely back in the UK amongst their family and friends.
We offer an extremely efficient holistic service that is VERY competitively priced

Mar 10 - Once again a British Tourist has been found frozen to death in a ski resort after a night out.

The latest incident happened last Wednesday when a 24 year old British male went missing after a night out in Pas de la Casa, Andorra.
Police believe he must have become disorientated after drinking heavily and becoming seperated from his friends. He was found by the Envalira tunnel on the road out of the resort towards France so was clearly heading the wrong way from his accommodation and the resort centre. His body showed all the signs of classic hypothermia.
In December a 30 year old Spanish male died in similar circumstances at the same resort and other young skiers have died the same way in other European ski resorts. Last Christmas 23 yr old Myles Robinson was found dead at the bottom of a cliff in Wengen after a night out and just over a year ago Durham University student Rachel Ward died of hypothermia in Val D'isere after falling into a river after a night out.
Operators should continue to provide advice to customers on the dangers of alcohol and skiing and advising groups to look out for one another during nights out. This is particularly important in the 'party' resorts where apres ski is as big a part of the holiday experience as skiing.
Forewarned is forearmed
The Foreign Office have given out specific advice to skiers and snowboarders this year, such as:
"Remember alcohol can affect you more quickly at high altitudes and most insurers won't pay out if you injure yourself or others whilst under the influence of alcohol"
Check out the website:












Mar 10 - The recent 8.8 earthquake in Chile once again highlights the indiscriminate nature and force with which natural disasters can affect a destination.

Operators to Chile continue to count the cost of lost business and have been relatively lucky in that very few British travellers were actually caught up in the disaster.


Had it occurred nearer to a more touristy area (as opposed to a relatively industrial non-tourist city - Concepcion) then the issue could have been even more serious for operators. However, the closure of Santiago airport and restricted services from LAN Chile have also caused operational problems.


Again this incident occurred at a weekend, would you have been organised and have been able to deal with such an enormous incident if your holidaymakers had been involved.


Can you get yourself and staff into the office quickly at the weekends, do you have someone on call, do you have emergency numbers you can activate, do you have an area from which you can run an incident (preferably away from normal business). Do you have access to trauma consultants, accident investigators, health & safety experts, medical and legal advisors?). Many if not all may be required in a serious incident involving multiple injuries or fatalities.


Once again, communication was either lost or difficult to obtain, do you have a satellite phone you can dispatch to the scene with any travelling team. These can be invaluable in an incident such as this.

The quake that devastated Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, in January was magnitude 7.0.

Feb 10 - tranquilico.com presented at the recent LATA Health & Safety seminar at the Argentinian Embassy in London. Providing an update on the Land Transport Safety scheme which we operate on behalf of 52 Tour operator members of LATA in 20 Central and Southern American countries.









In additon Sarah Lacey from Travlaw also provided a legal update which confirmed LATA's position on establishing a due diligence strategy and encouraging their suppliers to operate good practice safety standards wherever possible.
The land Transport safety scheme utilises e-pass technology provided by IMS (Interface Management  Systems) and is an effective and affordable way for tour operators to carry out self assessments of suppliers.
If this is backed up with ad hoc staff checks and occasional commissioned physical inspections of a percentage of suppliers, this forms the basis for a really good health & safety due diligence system.










Feb 10 -  The recent flooding in Madeira resulting in one British fatality so far once again highlights the need for companies to be prepared for any eventuality.






As we have seen with Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Tsunami's - natural disasters can be indiscriminate and hit in the most unlikely places.
After a month's worth of rain fell in about eight hours, a raging torrent of water and mud swept away people, houses and vehicles Saturday on the steep-sloped Atlantic Ocean island. Locals said the storm was the worst in living memory.
Madeira has never suffered such horrendous flooding before and this disaster has hit them hard. To the extent they have requested EU assistance to help them recover.
Would you have been prepared to deal with this sitaution if your customers had been involved.
Do you have well laid out crisis management plans that have been tried and tested via training and simulations?
Is everyone in your organisation easily contactable at the weekends? (given this occurred on a Saturday).
Madeira lost electricity and also telecommunications due to the flooding, how woud you have tracked down your customers and ensured their welfare?
If you think you may well have not coped, get in touch and we can help you get organised for the future.
Cost effective and geared to the size and resources of your business, we can help you out






Feb 10 - St Margaret's School


tranquilico.com have recently been selected by the prestigious St Margaret's School for Girls in Hampstead to provide crisis management training for their staff and update their current crisis management policies and procedures.

St Margarets founded in 1884 was recently voted the Sunday Times 'Top small independant school' for the second year running. With 150 pupils and 24 staff they have an almost unenviable pupil teacher ratio.  
Summer 2009 GCSE Results - 73% of grades were A* or A (39% A*, 34% A)
Bursar Samantha Beschizza says " We are very pleased to be working with tranquilico.com, their services perfectly matched what we were looking for in order to enhance our existing procedures and ensure all staff are fully trained, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other independant schools"
Visit their website:









Feb 10 - a British mother-of-three has died after a high speed collision with another skier while on holiday with her family in Austria.

46 year old Tracy Boland suffered fatal injuries after colliding with a 23-year-old Dutch woman on the Kitzsteinhorn Mountain in Kaprun, Austria. She was declared dead on the snow-capped mountain despite a doctor, who was by chance on the piste, racing to her aid.
The other skier was also seriously injured in the accident.
Police said neither woman was wearing a helmet.
Officers in Austria were continuing to investigate the cause of the accident. A Kaprun police spokesman said: 'We are not sure how the accident could have happened. The slope was not difficult and there were excellent skiing conditions. Experts are accessing the scene of the accident today to try and find a cause.'

Skking is another risky sport and injuries and fatalities can be minimised by giving advice to customers on safe use of the piste, providing them with the FIS 10 ski rules and promoting helmet use whenever possible.
School Holiday periods with good snow and weather in resorts can lead to increased accidents due to the numbers on the pistes and the tendency to ski faster in good conditions.
In the USA they have piste patrols who regulate speed and confiscate lift passes from anyone they consider to be skiing dangerously.

Feb 10 - EF TOURS  tranquilico.com have just completed training for 50 EF Educational Tours staff in both health & safety and crisis mangement at their EF headquarters in Boston.  EF Tours are the leading provider of Educational Travel for US students and several other countries. Visit their website:  www.eftours.com


Pictured are L-R - Mike James - Operations Support Manager, Amy Hillman - Director of Operations and Sam Stephens - President of Operations.

EF Educational Tours are part of EF (Education First) which was founded in Sweden in 1965 with the mission of breaking down barriers of language, culture and geography. 

EF is the world's largest private education company, headquartered in Boston, with a group of 15 subsidiaries and nonprofit organizations centered around language learning, educational travel, cultural exchange and academic programs.

EF has over 29,000 employees, teachers and volunteers, with offices and schools in 54 countries. Over the past four decades, EF's educational programs have helped people of all nationalities become citizens of the world.

Jan 10 - From January to March, tranquilico.com are hoping to raise funds for our chosen charity - the LATA Foundation.

The LATA Foundation is a UK-based charity (Registered Charity Number 1123580) dedicated to promoting sustainable development in Latin America and responsible business practices in the tourism industry. It was originally conceived and set up by members of the Latin American Travel Association (LATA) and is overseen by an independent board of Trustees.

For every person who signs up for our e-news during these 3 months we will make a corporate donation to the LATA Foundation
If you wish to make a donation yourself directly, you can do so by sending a cheque to:
The LATA Foundation
20 Upper Tachbrook Street
London SW1V 1SH
United Kingdom
or you can donate online via:

Jan 10 - tranquilico.com recently conducted further health and safety training and supplier auditing in  China, this time in the central provincial city of Xi'an and the capital Beijing.

More than 70 delegates from East Shanghai Travel Services underwent Hotel, Hygiene and Transport safety training, followed up with practical supplier audits.
The delegates learnt a great deal and their post training questionnaire rated the course 91% overall and the trainer 100% overall.
Xi'an is a beatiful walled city lying in Shaanxi province in Central China. Home of the famous Terracotta warriors which were made for the First Quin Emperors mausoleum some 2,000 years ago. They provide a fascinating insight into Chinese history and are fast becoming one of the most visited sites in China. Designated a UNESCO world Heritage site in 1981, the warriors are all different and it is estimated there are some 8,000 in total. The emperors mausloeum is 1.5km away from the site of the warriors and has been left unopened in the hope that everything inside remains intact.
Beijing (originally Peking) is the capital of China and now a bustling modern metropolis with designer shopping malls, tall glass & steel buildings, the now famous Olympic site with the Birds Nest Stadium and Water cube, juxtaposed against the old buildings and structures of the famous old sites such as Tianahmen Square, the Forbidden city, Temple of Heaven and the immense Great Wall of China some 40km outside the city. 
China is growing rapidly as a tourist destination and hopes to attract even greater numbers of visitors from Europe. Its a country well worth visiting if you haven't been yet.


Jan 10 - A British Tourist on holiday in Egypt has recently died whilst sailing on the Nile. The man, named by local media as Luke Day, was on a Nile cruise with his wife and two other tourists, from India and Canada, in southern Egypt.

They had gone sailing on the Nile but their vessel overturned in heavy wind and rain at Aswan.

The other three tourists in the boat survived.

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesman said: "We can confirm the death of a British national in Aswan.

"We are in contact with the family and providing consular assistance."

At least six more were killed as the torrential rain sparked flash floods in Egypt and Israel.

The bad weather caused power failures in several areas of the historic Egyptian city of Luxor, disrupting Nile cruises and ferry timetables.

The incident is currently being investigated and details not released as we publish this.
However, Felucca trips on the Nile are popular for customers taking a Nile cruise. Felucca's are traditional white sailed wooden boats operated by locals, however, many lack even basic safety equipment such as life preservers.
It is unclear if the customers booked this trip themselves or if it was part of their package holiday.
However, once again this highlights the need to ensure that any suppliers you recommend as part of your 'package' have good practice safety standards in place to minimise any incident of injury, illness or death.


Jan 10 -

During November we managed to raise £37 for children in need from new subscribers to our e-news and our decison to divert funds from purchasing xmas cards to a corporate donation instead.

As a result of the tremendous support they receive from everyone across the UK, they are able to continue to fund fantastic projects which aim to help make positive changes to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people right here in the UK.

You can still donate to Children in Need yourself via their website or at any branch of HSBC

You can also call their donation line on
0345 7 33 22 33.

To date the 2009 appeal has raised over £20m.




Jan 10 - For the month of January we are  offering £50 discount off our popular half day crisis management training course for any new bookings received. £400 as opposed to £450 .  The course must be booked in January and taken before the end of April 2010.

If you want to get your crisis management in order and provide 
training to your staff so they are aware of their roles and responsibilities then get in touch this month.

Jan 10 - tranquilico.com have been assisting Kaleidoscope Group with some operational process improvement consultancy. In addition to Health, Safety and Crisis management we can also help tour operators by auditing their current operational procedures and making reccommendations for improvement where neccessary.

If you feel your organisation would benefit from a third party external audit then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Jan 10 - Just as important as making sure you have your health & safety due diligence policies in place, is the need to let your customers know what their health & safety responsibilities are on holiday.

By carefully drip feeding information at every point where you contact your customers you can strengthen your due diligence and also highlight any important health & safety information.
You can put information in your brochures, on the website, in any pre-travel documents and also whilst out in resort if you have agents or staff who can deliver written or verbal information.
This can assist in any legal defence if a claim is being made against you for any injury, illness or fatality incurred whilst travelling with you.
A carefully thought out communication strategy is an important element of due diligence.
If you need help and advice to implement this, please get in touch

Jan 10 - Happy New Year!


Dec 09 - Merry Xmas to everyone from tranquilico.com.

We are making a corporate donation to BBC Children in need in lieu of sending out

xmas cards - so saving the planet too!


Nov 09 - tranquilico.com recently conducted health and safety training in Shanghai, China


The delegates were all from East Shanghai Travel Serices who operate ground handling services for Wendy Wu Tours UK and Australian customers.
The training course was combined with some hotel and transport auditing to give practical experience to the delegates.
Managing Director of East Shanghai Travel Services Fang Yongming is pictured with some of his team. The response to the training was excellent and the delegates thoroughly enjoyed the course and have a much greater understanding of the health and safety requirements for the British market.
Shanghai itself is a very modern city with the tallest building in China and the 267mph Maglev train that travels 31km from the airport to the city in just 7 mins. 
Shanghai is also hosting the 2010 World Expo and the city is gearing itself up for an expected 70million visitors to the Expo site from May 1st to October 31st.




Nov 09 - Skiing is a dangerous sport and customers who go skiing are aware of this. However, ski tour operators have seen an increase in claims for accident and injury, with clients often citing poor or inadeqautely adjusted ski bindings by the ski hire shop.

Travel law Solicitor Robin Adams of mb Law comments:
"Are skiing claims really such a bind?
Skiing claims frequently involve twisting injuries to the knee ligaments caused when a ski binding fails to release.
Many ski hire shops do not operate documented ski binding setting procedures and it can be very difficult to demonstrate that the bindings were appropriately set. Tour Operators can therefore expect a scathing report from the Claimant's ski expert and face significant difficulties on liability. 
Bindings were however designed to protect against lower leg fractures and according to some experts can provide no protection against knee injuries.  The knee ligaments are particularly vulnerable to injury where the skier is in a bio-mechanically unsound position, and a rupture can easily be caused without the abnormal force required to cause bindings to release.  Also, bindings have limited release modes and depending on the mechanism of the accident may have no ability to release at all. 
The largest and best organised Vermont study has been unable to identify any correlation between binding settings and ligament injuries despite running for over 30 years.  Irrespective of any shortcomings at the hire shop, a Claimant may be unable to establish causation.  Any such claim is therefore worthy of further consideration".
In addition, making your customers aware of the need to look after themselves whilst skiing is also an important part of any due diligence. Advise them of the FIS ski rules about safety on the piste, ensure they are aware of the dangers of slips and trips on ice whilst walking around the resort and check they are adequately insured for any 'higher risk' activities such as toboganning, paracending, heli-skiing or bobsleigh rides.
Fatal accidents due to risk activities used to be very small but as more and more people want to do ever more exciting things on holiday, we have seen an increase in fatalities in this area.
Check out any suppliers you sell who provide higher risk activities to ensure they are operating good practice safety standards and check out the accommodation providers, particularly for fire safety issues in Alpine resorts.
You can minimise any risk by taking appropriate due diligence steps, with appropriate checks and customer communication, reducing the likelyhood of a claim and subsequent compensation.
If you need advice on ski related claims then please contact Robin at mb-law

Nov 09 - During November we are going to raise funds for the BBC Children in Need appeal, which is televised on Fri 20th November.

So once again for anyone who signs up to our monthly e-news during this month we will make a donation to Children in Need.
It costs nothing to sign up for our e-news and will help raise some much needed funds for another very worthwhile cause. 
You can sign up in the contact us section of this site.


Nov 09 - On Tuesday Nov 10th at World Travel Market I attended the LATA (Latin America Travel Association) WTM Party, hosted by the Rio Convention and Visitors Bureau and TAM airlines.

They were celebrating the increasing interest in Latin America and in particular the exciting news that Rio will be hosting the 2016 Olympic games 
The venue was the Commonwealth Club near Trafalgar Square and the evening was a tremendous success, with great music and entertainment, drinks and delicious food.
London will be handing over the Olympic torch to Rio after our games in 2012 and it will be the first time they have been hosted in South America. Two new sports will be included in the 2016 Olympics - golf and rugby sevens.
More than half of Rio 2016's venues are already built. They include state-of-the-art facilities constructed for the 2007 Pan and Parapan American Games: the magnificent João Havelange Stadium (the proposed 2016 venue for Athletics), the Maria Lenk Aquatic Centre, the Rio Olympic Arena (which will host Gymnastics and Wheelchair Basketball), the Rio Olympic Velodrome, the National Equestrian Center and its close neighbour, the National Shooting Center. 



Nov 09 - Once again hygiene issues hit the headlines with a record compensation payment made in respect of food poisoning against a tour operator. 

Beryl Rushton who fell seriously ill after eating contaminated food while on holiday has been awarded £240,000 in compensation from her tour operator.

She was left disabled as a result of contracting bacterial gastroenteritis while at the Tropical Beach Resort in the Dominican Republic seven years ago.

The 66-year-old from Accrington was eating a red snapper for dinner and bit into a black worm wrapped around the insides of the fish. She started feeling ill not long after and eventually suffered temporary blindness and organ failure. 

"I used to walk six miles a day. Now I can't shower myself or dress myself. I've only got the use of 31 per cent of the left hand side of my body," she remarked.

It is thought that the compensation, which will pay for Ms Rushton's ongoing care and medical fees, is one of the largest ever for a holiday illness claim of this kind.
Class Action solicitors Pannone & Partners acted on Mrs Rushton's behalf and along with other class action law firms we are seeing increased litigation in the UK for holiday illness claims.
The Package Travel, Package Holiday and Package Tours Regulations 1992, allows an individual to bring a claim against the tour operator in this country for accidents which occur abroad. When customers book package holidays through a tour operator, it is implied that they have taken care to ensure the accommodation is safe and has a good level of hygiene.
In being successful, the Claimant would have had to prove that the tour operator, failed to use reasonable care and skill in ensuring the accommodation/resort offered was reasonably safe, and more specifically in this case, had a reasonable level of hygiene. The Claimant would then have proved that it was that poor hygiene that caused her injuries.

If you are concerned about hygiene in any of the properties you use, give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we can help you check them out.


Oct 09 - Leading escorted tour specialist to China 'Wendy Wu Tours' are the latest to enhance their health & safety programme with some consultancy advice from tranquilico.com.

The company has been operating for more than 5 years in the UK and also has a successful Australian business that has been operating for more than 10years to China.
Originally set up by Wendy Wu herself, this award winning operator offers high quality fully inclusive escorted itineraries, that visit both the spectacular and famous tourist attractions in China as well as the lesser known charms of hidden gems in the country.
In additon to China, they also have programmes to Indochina, taking in Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam which are still relatively new destinations on the tourist map.
Commercial Director Jonathan Wilson said "We are delighted to be working with tranquilico.com who came to us by personal recommendation. They understand travel and know exactly what we need to suit our business and its resources"



Oct 09 - tranquilico.com managed to raise £60 during September for the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity.

The cheque was handed in to their office at Broomfield Hospital, where the clinical trials of new cancer drugs take place under the supervision of Professor Neville Davidson who was Helen's oncologist.
Marketing Manager for the charity Tracy Saunders said "We are grateful to tranquilico.com for raising both money and the profile of the charity to their client base. We rely heavily on donations to carry out our vital work on cancer research and maintaining our cancer support centres', so a big thank you from us."

Following on from our success at raising funds in September we wish to add to this by raising more money for the Helen Rollason cancer Charity during October.

If you can get a friend, colleague or competitor to sign up for our monthly e-news we will make a corporate donation to the charity for each new person who is added during the month.
It costs nothing to sign up for our e-news and will help raise some much needed funds for a very worthwhile cause. See the contact us section.

If you would like to make a donation to the charity directly, you can do so via:

or send a cheque directly to:
Helen Rollason Cancer Charity
Woodside, Broomfield Hospital
Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 7ET





'Registered charity number 1052861' 

Oct 09 - The Foreign Office 'Know Before You Go' campaign is holding its annual partnership reception on 1st December.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet with Foreign Office staff and other partner organisations involved in this campaign.

Promoting the scheme allows tour operators to highlight the importance of pre-travel preparation to their customers, including the need to take out adequate insurance for their trip.
It's even more important now as the recession has led to an increase in uninsured passengers travelling abroad, people who have opted to take the risk, without realising the consequences.
If you are not a member of the campaign, you can join for free and use their logo and information in your brochures and literature.
If you join now, you may also get an invite to the Dec 1st reception.


Oct 09 - A UK coroner recently recorded a verdict of accidental death at the inquest into the death of 5yr old Thomas Horne, who was killed when his excursion light aircraft crashed on take off at Canaima in Venuzuela. Thomas and his family had been on an excursion from the island of Margarita to Angel Falls.

However, the coroner did criticise the safety procedures on board as the crew failed to tell passengers how to fasten a four-point waist and shoulder seat belt, and that a representative of a third-party company that organised the excursion indicated that it was not necessary. The plane also did not have any safety instruction cards.
Speaking after the inquest, at which the coroner recorded the verdict of accidental death, Mrs Horne said: "We strongly believe that Thomas's death was due to pilot error and the fact that there were not sufficiently robust safety procedures in place on the flight. Nothing will ever change our view that he may have survived had he been wearing a four-point safety harness. We urge all tour operators to look carefully at who they use to provide trips for their customers on holiday, and to take a detailed look at the safety records of those companies."

The Horne's have taken out seperate legal action against their tour operator in light of the coroner's comments.

If you need help in assessing any excursion providers then please get in touch  - the related article from Emma Price at Mb Law is also very prudent to this case.

Oct 09 - Cosmos Holidays plc recently undertook some crisis management training from tranquilico.com for staff at their Bromley headquarters.










100% of the delegates rated the training course length, content, course overall and trainer as good or excellent.
Some of their comments were:
"Due to the very extensive experience of the trainer I found this course very interesting and informative"
"Thorougly enjoyed the desktop scenario, very interesting way of considering issues that arise in an incident"
"I found it very informative and full of useful ideas and suggestions - the participation at the end was good as it made you think about what would happen in a real scenario"
"Not complicated to understand, very informative and interesting"
 "I liked the way we got to complete a group activity. It was interesting to see what every department does and putting something into practise makes it easier to understand"
"Perfect, confident, warm, sprinkling of anecdotes - never boring - excellent" 
"I would recommend this to others"

If you want to take advantage of our cost effective crisis management training courses, then please get in touch. They range from half a day to a full day and can be tailored to fit your organisations exisiting procedures.


Oct 09 - Early in the morning of Sept. 29, an earthquake deep under the Pacific caused a massive tsunami to devastate the islands of Samoa and American Samoa, killing 111 people, devastating villages and flattening homes.

But as bad as the damage was, it could have been much worse. Laura Kong, head of the International Tsunami Information Center in Hawaii, said "Independent Samoa had run a tsunami drill with planned evacuation routes in Oct. 2007 and again last year; the preparation saved countless lives during this week's disaster".

The moral of this story is that it pays to be prepared for the unexpected, prior to the installation of the Tsunami warning centre and local evacuation drills, the first residents would know of a Tsunami would be the waves crashing onto the land.

In the same way, travel arrangers need to be prepared so that in the event of an unexpected incident their procedures can click into place and everyone knows what they are expected to do. They have trained and simulated scenarios so the real thing becomes easy.
For help with policies, procedures and training, get in touch

Oct 09 - If you are not sure where to start with your health & safety due diligence you can always consider self-assessments as the first rung on the ladder.

Many companies with lots of suppliers and small budgets use this as an option to mitigate their health & safety risk. tranquilico.com work with IMS (Interface Management Systems) and their well respected e-PASS system.
This allows completion of an audit on-line by a supplier and the system automatically risk assesses their response and gives you a safety status.
If you want to take advantage of using this system without having to purchase a license yourself, then please get in touch for a no obligation quote.

Oct 09 - Emma Price, travel liability solicitor at Leeds based mb law writes further on excursion safety in our October e-news. For the full article request a copy of our October e-news via the contact us section of this site. This is often a confusing area for travel arrangers and can lead to many accepting liability for excursions simply by the way they are sold.


Oct 09 - tranquilico.com recently conducted a crisis management seminar at WYSTC (World Youth & Student Travel Conference) on behalf of their WYSE Work Abroad Association. The Conference was held in Manchester this year and was very well attended with 780 delegates & 486 organisations from 50 countries represented

tranquilico.com have also authored the WYSE Work Abroad best practice crisis
management procedures which are available to all members.




Sep 09 - During September, tranquilico.com are supporting the Helen Rollason - Heal Cancer Charity. Helen was a respected BBBC TV sports presenter who sadly lost her battle with colon cancer in August 1999, aged 43.

The charity was founded in her name with the cooperation of her oncologist Professor Neville Davidson who continues to conduct clinical trials on new experimental cancer treatments at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex.

The charity also funds support centres, a research laboratory and a network of charity shops throughout Essex.

If you wish to make a donation direct to the charity yourself, go to:


or visit their website:



Sep 09 - HolidayTravelwatch continue to post information on their website concerning complaints against hotels for predominantly food related issues. Their 'calls to arms' feature calls for holidaymakers to join together to form a class action against operators with several specialist law firms, generally on a no-win, no -fee basis.  In August alone they have posted 'calls to arms' for many properties in popular holiday resorts:

Turkey - 6 Hotels, Egypt - 8 Hotels, Mexico - 2 Hotels, Tunisia - 1 Hotel, Dominican Republic 1 Hotel, Bulgaria 1 Hotel and Spain 1 Hotel. You can find the names on their website at :


If you operate to any of these hotels and were not aware, then you can ensure the supplier is advised of potential claims. It may also be prudent to carry out your own hygiene checks. Hygiene claims continue to rise so operators need to ensure that suppliers are operating good practice hygiene standards based on HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). Check out:




Sep 09 - tranquilico.com are using google docs for the LATA (Latin America Travel Association) Land Transport  safety campaign. This 12 month project will assess all the transport suppliers utilised by 42 LATA members in 20 countries in Southern & Central America.

LATA members can enter their suppliers details directly into google docs and this triggers the despatch of Good Practice guidance and then a self assessment audit. They can view the results in the same way and its both secure and free!




Sep 09 - Balcony safety is often an issue during high season. Incidents usually involve males 18-22 and alchohol. Sadly, young children can also be victims and these are often due to being left unsupervised on balconies that do not adhere to good practice balcony design.

Gaps greater than 10cm, step up allurements such as ledges or balcony furniture and ladder effect railings can all pose a danger to young children. In some countries the overall height can also be a problem. 1.1m is ideal, good practice is at least 1.0m but some countries still build hotels with balconies of 0.8m or lower.

In August we saw the tragic death of 18 month old Brad Kemer at the hotel Laguna in Chia, Sardinia.  An Italian judge beleives the balcony did not meet building regulations with the presence of a step up and larger gaps through which he could have fallen.

If you operate youth or childrens holidays, then you should ensure that balconies meet good practice as a minimum and if not  your guests are allocated low floors.




Sep 09 - Legionella is a disease that starts to raise its head as many resorts move into low season. The bacteria live in water systems and if allowed to grow and subsequently inhaled via aerosol droplets into the lungs, can cause pneumonia like symptoms. These can often be fatal, particularly in the very young or old and those who are immunosuppressed.

Unoccupied rooms leading to stagnation of water in the pipes and the lower heating effect of solar panels on water systems can cause the bacteria to grow as water doesn't reach the correct temperature to kill them.

There are simple steps suppliers can take to prevent the growth of legionella and these are detailed in our September newsletter.

EWGLI (European Working Group for Legionella Infection) monitor any reported cases throughout Europe and advise tour operators (via ABTA or FTO) of any cases linked to a specific hotel or cruise ship.


Aug 09 - The World Youth Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) is the keynote event of WYSETC (World Youth Student Exchange & Travel Confederation).

This year it takes place in Manchester at the Palace Hotel and Manchester Central.

The conference is attended by more than 890 delegates, many of them decison makers from the worlds leading and most respected organisations in youth, student and educational travel.

tranquilico.com MD Colin McGregor will be speaking at a crisis management seminar for the delegates on Wed 23rd September at Manchester Central.

For further information, check out their website:


Aug 09 - Swine flu cases are tailing off as we move into summer, although this may be down to the school holidays and launch of the National Pandemic flu service.

If you think you have flu you can call the national helpline: 0800 1 513 100

There is no sign that the virus is becoming more severe or developing resistance to antivirals. Those small number of deaths in the UK have mainly been in older children and adults with underlying risk factors.

Flu symptoms include: fever, headache, cough, weakness & fatigue, aching muscles and joints, sore throat, runny nose.

The NHS in conjunction with the HPA have produced a leaflet entitled 'Pandemic Flu - a guidance for business' which you can use to find out how to manage the impact of swine flu, find out what you can do to help your employees get treatment and help to prevent further spread of swine flu.

The document can be downloaded from:


You can also consult:



Aug 09 -  tranquilico.com recently completed several crisis management training courses for Kaleidoscope Group Travel.

Based in Market harborough, they comprise the well known travel brands of Travelsphere, Page & Moy and Just You, taking more than 100,000 travellers on holiday each year.

Some of the delegates comments highlight the importance of being organised and the usefulness of annual training:

"The training course and simulation has given me more of an insight into the crisis response area and this is very important - as is the role we play"

"I feel it is important for the staff to feel empowered and for follow up courses to be held periodically, we need to feel confident to undertake anything thrown at us"

"Very thorough and covered points which had not been considered by staff before"

"Valuable experience that has helped bring together and prepare all areas of the business"

"The trainer was engaging and down to earth, offering a light hearted approach whilst still emphasising the importance of the exercise"

"High impact and informative, brilliant day"

Mike Percival, Manger of the Duty Office and Safety for the group said "I was extremely pleased with the training to date from tranquilico.com and I am looking to book further dates in the future"</a>


See their websites:




If you would like your organsiation to benefit from some cost effective crisis management training then please get in touch.


Aug 09 - Terrorism once again raises its ugly head with the recent bombings in Spain. The latest incident in Palma Nova, Mallorca where a car bomb killed 2 Guardia Civil policemen took place 50yds from a clinic, hotels, bars and restaurants frequented by tourists. Fortunately none were involved though some Northern Irish tourists were caught up in it.  This incident took place at the weekend so would you have been able to deal with this if your customers were affected? Do you have your emergency plans in place and contacts up to date?

Aug 09 - On 14th July the EU Commission issued an updated Aviation blacklist. Two EU carriers had their Air Operating Certificates revoked, Euro Air from Greece and Nordic Airways from Sweden. They are also closely monitoring Egypt Air due to safety deficiencies being found in recent inspections.

For the full list see:



Aug 09 - As we head into August and what is generally the hottest part of the summer in many common holiday resorts, we start to see the frequent occurrence of forest fires.  This is the time to remind your customers of the dangers of bush and forest fires in hot, dry, arid destinations. We have already seen them in Tarragona, Spain, La Palma and La Gomera in the canary islands and British Columbia, Canada. Customers need to be aware:

It would make sense to re-iterate to customers the dangers of fire in these arid destinations with some top tips:
1. Obey local laws regarding open fires, including campfires;
2. Keep all flammable objects away from fire;
3. Have firefighting tools nearby and handy;
4. Carefully dispose of hot charcoal;
5. Drown all fires;
6. Carefully extinguish smoking materials. (matches, cigarettes, lighters etc)

The La Palma fires started over the weekend, so do you have your emergency plans and emergency contacts organised, so that if your operation was affected, you could have put everything into motion for the safety of your customers?
Crises can occur at any time, any place, so it pays to be prepared


July 09 - tranquilico.com are now working with WYSE Travel Confederation (World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation)  producing crisis management best practice plans for their WYSE Work Abroad Association.

This organisation based in Amsterdam has over 550 members in 118 countries who specialise in Youth & Student Educational travel.

Association Manager Stephanie Manning said "Crisis Prevention & Management is a key element of our members operations and WYSE Work Abroad intends to keep this as a priority by providing best practice guidance from which our member organisations can develop their own plans. tranquilico.com came recommended to us by one of our members and we are delighted to be working with them"



July 09 - From June to the end of October we have the Atlantic and Caribbean hurricane season. If you operate to areas potentially affected by hurricanes (or tropical cyclones as they are also known), then you should monitor them using the various national agencies available.

Atlantic & Caribbean hurricanes can be monitored via the National Hurricane Centre in Miami.
Pacific hurricanes can be monitored via the Central Pacific Hurricane Centre in Hawaii.
In addition, you can monitor Tsunami's via the same pacific centre, which is also the main pacific tsunami warning centre.
Indonesian and Indian Ocean Tsunami warning centres are also currently being put in place following on from the 2004 tsunami.
You should also ensure that your suppliers all have hurricane procedures in place and that you also have prepared notices and bulletins you can provide to your customers if required.
We can help you organise this.

July 09 - Media interest in holiday horror stories is really starting as we move towards the main summer holidays.

Details are just emerging of a fire in a Turkish hotel in the resort of Marmaris, where 7 brits have been treated for minor injuries and some others for smoke inhalation.
There is an investigation into the cause but no doubt there will also be an investigation into the hotels Fire safety and evacuation procedures.
Serious fires such as this requiring full evacuation and injuries are not as common in those countries where fire safety has taken prominence over recent years.
Turkey sadly still needs focus by operators as their fire safety standards do not always meet good practice standards or indeed the minimum requirements of the 1986 EU recommendations on fire safety.
If you need help checking hotels fire safety arrangements, then get in touch.
0208 242 4553

July 09 - Norovirus or 'winter vomiting disease' has raised its ugly head again recently.

350 passengers aboard Transocean cruises 'Marco Polo' have been struck down whilst on a round Britain cruise from Tilbury. There has also been one fatality. The ship is currently being held in Invergordon, Easter Ross, where public Health officials have boarded and many passengers have been taken off for medical treatment.
There are 769 passengers and 340 crew on board so over 30% have been affected to date.
The virus is difficult to control as it spreads by touch from person to person and can also remain virulent on all manner of surfaces e.g curtains, carpets, sinks, toilets. Typically sypmtoms are projectile vomiting and diahorrea lasting no more than 24/48hrs and the majority of people recover with no after effects. Sadly, the elderly or very young or those with any pre-existing medical conditions or compromised immune systems can be seriously affected, occasionally resulting in death.
Prevention of spread of infection procedures need to be implemented as quickly as possible in these types of situations, with affected passengers confined to their rooms or cabins and an effective sanitising programme put into place.
Unaffected passengers were allowed ashore in Invergordon and this caused anger from the local community.





Do you have 'Prevention of Spread of infection' procedures already established, that you can transmit to your suppliers and customers in the event of an incident affecting you?
We can help you with this if you need it. 



July 09 - Air France did one excellent action with the relatively quick introduction of their dark website following the crash of flight AF447.

Visitors to Airfrance.com were confronted with a blank white screen featuting a simple air france logo and 3 boxes:
1. For those seeking information on flight AF447
2. For those seeking flight bookings on any of their international sites.
3. For those seeking any other corporate information.
Clearly this diverted any visitors seeking information on the incident away from clogging the normal reservations sites. It also allowed them to post press releases and information for the public relating to the incident on a seperate web site.
It pays organisations to have these 'Dark Sites' prepared in advance as in this case it proved extremely useful, protecting normal business and also projecting a professional image to those visiting your sites. It is not a always a good image having jolly travel pictures for those visiting your site with grief/concern at their front of mind.

July 09 - Airbus suffered another PR disaster recently with the loss of a Yemenia Airways Airbus A310 off the Comores islands in the Indian Ocean.

Whilst this airline did not sit on the EU blacklist, it does appear that the actual aircraft in question had been investigated by the French safety commission and banned from any further landings in France. There were questions over the airlines maintenance and reporting procedures and they were due to be checked by the European Airline safety committee.

Relatives who gathered at Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport and Marseille Marignane airport to wait for news, some expressing anger at the state of the airline's planes. "They put us aboard wrecks, they put us aboard coffins. That's where they put us. It's slaughter. It's slaughter," one relative in Paris told French TV.

The airlines website also crashed under the pressure of traffic immmediately after the accident. When it was re-instated they simply had a small banner announcing sympathy for those involved above the usual reservation screen and its holiday pictures, this was in stark contrast to Air France's web initiative.

152 passengers perished, with only one child surviving.

July 09 - IMS Interface Management systems are the leading provider of health & safety database systems to the travel & leisure industry. Their innovative PASS 3 system is used by most of the larger tour operators due to its ability to create and send electronic self audits to suppliers via an e-mailed web link. The completed audit is then automatically risk assessed by the computers health & safety software, providing the tour operator with the information they require on the safety status of the supplier, they can then make decisions on use. 

IMS now host PASS 3 for tranquilico.com, and IMS Business Development Manager Ben Kidds says "By hosting PASS 3 for tranquilico.com, this allows those smaller operators, who don't have the resources or budget to purchase their own system, to be able to utilise PASS 3 technology, outsourcing to a specialist organisation who can do the work for them. We are delighted to be working again with Colin as we have worked with him for many years, initially when he was with Canvas Holidays when ABTOF (Association of British Tour Operators to France) members bought the original PASS system for assessing campsites overseas. Colin went on to continue to use PASS during his time in charge of health & safety at Thomson, MyTravel and Thomas Cook. Confirming its status as the preferred system for UK tour operators". 

If you wish to license your own system, then contact IMS at 



If you want to take advantage of tranquilico.com operating the system for you then e-mail: 

July 09 - British holidaymakers are being urged to seek health advice before travelling to malaria-prone countries after a survey suggested that millions of Britons are ignoring the risks.

According to the study, as many as one in five Britons did not take precautions against malaria while travelling to a malaria zone, while a further 11 per cent did not realise that they had travelled to an area affected by the disease. During the past 15 years, the incidence of the deadliest form of malaria - plasmodium falciparum - has increased by almost a third among Britons.
There has been a 190 per cent increase in the number of Britons travelling to malaria hotspots in the past 10 years and each year around 2,000 Britons return home with the disease. Malaria is estimated to be responsible for between 1.5 to 2.7 million deaths worldwide each year.
If a customer can prove that they were not advised of the need for anti malarials prior to booking and travelling and subsequently are infected with malaria, they could well take legal action against their travel arranger.
In light of this it may pay all travel arrangers to review the travel health information they provide, especially if they operate to malarial destinations. Customers can also be directed to www.nathnac.org or www.fitfortravel.scot.nhs.ukwhere they can obtain destination specific health advice.
The Foreign Office also provides health advice on their Travel Advice pages: www.fco.gov.uk
Lloydspharmacy who carried out the survey has launched an online service that can prescribe and dispense antimalarial medication to travellers without the need to visit a GP. See their online doctor service at:


July 09 - Corgi gas have been replaced by Capita as Great Britains gas safety body. Operating as the Gas Safe Register, they also have responsibilty for promoting gas safety at home and abroad.

They reccommend that holidaymakers take a battery operated smoke detector with them. Whilst sensible, this is not always practical.

Operators can minimise any risk by having a gas safety policy. If you need help with this get in touch.



July 09 - News that the 2 Thomas Cook employees Nicola Gibson and Richard Carson are to be prosecuted for the deaths of Bobby and Christi Shepherd in Corfu, has once again focused attention on Health & Safety.

We agree that they should not be involved as the fault clearly lies with the hotel and its maintenance regime. This is potentially a Greek effort to divert flak away from their gas safety standards.

This should not deter companies from continuing their due diligence strategies as legal experts still agree these are sensible measures to take.

Co-gas safety have been lobbying for improved gas safety at both home and abroad.


June 09 - Win an i-pod shuffle - cool! Simply e-mail tranquilico@me.comwith the e-mail addresses of 3 people you think would appreciate receiving our monthly informative e-news updates and answer the following question: "Which company produces the i-pod and i-phone?" Entries must be received by 10th June 2009, Employees, family and friends of tranquilico.com are not eligible to apply. The Editors decision is final on the winning entry.

To enter: provide 3 e-mail addresses and answer the question. Send via e-mail to tranquilico@me.comby close of business on 10th June 2009

June 09 - Cosmos Holidays (Globus Gateway Group) are the latest to sign up for some crisis management training from tranquilico.com. Christine Francis, Head of Customer Services said "Training and a simulation from tranquilico.com are the perfect way to refresh and train our staff on our existing crisis management procedures" Neighan Walker, Group Operations Controller added "I don't think you can train enough for these kind of events, thankfully tranquilico.com offer the perfect solution for hard pressed operations departments as they do all the hard work for you, preparing and delivering training geared to your companies own procedures"


June 09 - Operators interested in Sustainability may wish to consider registering with the  'Travelife' scheme. This provides operators and their suppliers with tools to assist them, it also provides an on-line self-audit system in which they can measure their performance against good practice guidelines. Suppliers can also request a physical audit in order to be considered for a prestigious Gold, Silver or Bronze Travelife award. These are currently being featured in the brochures of a number of leading European Tour Operators.  tranquilico.com can carry out Travelife auditing on your behalf.

visit the website: www.travelifesystem.com

June 09 - A british man died and nine other tourists were injured in a balloon crash in Cappadocia, Turkey. Two balloons collided shortly after tale-off causing one to fall 50m to the ground. Peter Woodman of the Press Association wrote: Large numbers of balloon companies compete in this area for tourist business but would-be balloonists are warned to carefully consider which companies to give their business to. Some are poorly equipped and inexperienced and the winds whilst calm first thing can quickly become unstable and potentially dangerous". Coming hot on the heels of the spate of balloon incidents in Egypt now may be the time to get any of your suppliers checked if you have not already done so...we can help.

The 'Fairy Chimney' region of Cappadocia has spectacular Limestone scenery.

June 09 - Travel law specialist mb-Law have warned that food illness claims are on the increase. Emma Price, travel liability solicitor warns " It is essential that operators check their suppliers have reliable systems in place, without any evidence operators and their insurers can be in difficulties defending these types of claims. The situation can be significantly improved by undertaking health & safety checks of suppliers to ensure they operate and maintain appropriate HACCP systems"

mb-law can assist with any travel related litigation, tranquilico.com can carry out hygiene checks on your behalf.

Visit: www.mb-law.co.uk

June 09 - Cancer Research UK recently announced that cases of malignent melanomas in the UK had reached 10,000 per annum and were expected to hit 15,000 by 2014. This is the deadliest form of skin cancer and they believe we brits are unaware of the dangers of sunbathing, particularly when holidaying overseas. You might want to consider re-iterating any 'safety in the sun' message to your customers by signing up to the Cancer Research UK 'Sunsmart Campaign'

Visit their website: www.sunsmart.org.uk

May 09 - FCO lift non-essential travel ban on Mexico as number of swine flu victims decreases. Mexico operators can now re-assure customers and re-commence their programmes.

May 09 - Leading Escorted Tours specialist Travelsphere, part of the Kaleidoscope Group have signed up for some of tranquilico.com's crisis management services. Head of Operations  Laurie Higman said " I worked with Colin at Thomson Holidays and know he can bring an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise to assist us with our crisis management planning. He has also helped us with drawing up some of our job descriptions for our health & safety recruitment"







Visit their website: www.travelsphere.co.uk

Apr 09 - The FCO have placed a non-essential travel ban on Mexico following the Swine Flu outbreak that has claimed over 150 lives already. Cases have been reported around the world including 2 in Great Britain. The travel ban is an attempt to prevent any pandemic, operators to Mexico need to take appropriate action until such time as the FCO advice changes.

Apr 09 - 13 tourists and 3 Egyptian staff injured in a ballon crash over Luxor. It was reported the ballon hit a mobile phone mast and the gondola detached from the balloon and fell to the ground. One French tourist has a reported broken back and several were transferred to hospital in Cairo.  There are rumours there were 24 tourists in the gondola and it was possibly overloaded. It has been the 3rd incident involving balloons in Luxor this year and it is beleived there are too many operators in a relatively small area.  If you sell ballooning in Luxor it may be prudent to suspend sales pending a formal investigation as to the reasons why there are ongoing incidents in this area.





Apr 09 - The recent aircraft incident in Venezuela once again highlights the need to check out your higher risk excursions and activities. Take the opportunity to review your H&S procedures and consider your policy on high risk excursions.

Apr 09 - tranquilico.com offers £100 off its half day crisis management course.

Apr 09 - Political riots in Bangkok, the foreign office advise against all but essential travel to Bangkok. If you feature this as a holiday destination you should evacuate anyone there and divert anyone due to travel until the advice changes.

Mar 09 - Earthquake in L'Aquila in Italy, over 200 reported dead and some 17,000 homeless. This has been Italy's largest earthquake at 6.3 magnitude on the richter scale and only 60 miles from Rome. Are you prepared if your customers were involved in something like this?


Mar 09 - tranquilico.com offers £100 off its half day contractors health & safety training course.

Feb 09 - tranquilico.com are working with LATA (Latin American Travel Association) on a Land Transport Safety scheme throughout 2009. This forms an important rung in LATA members health & safety due diligence.



Visit their website: www.lata.org

Jan 09 - tranquilico.com issues a monthly e-news update. If you wish to register then please submit your e-mail address via our contact form on this site and we will add you onto our email mailing list.

Jan 09 - Latin American adventure specialist Pura-Aventura sign up for tranquilico.coms crisis management services. Offerring active holidays in comfort, Pura have an exciting range of holidays to both Central and Southern America, plus a programme to Southern Spain. See their website at:


Jan 09 - Following the US airways incident in New York, now is the time for organisations to assess how prepared they are if they had to deal with a similar incident involving your clients. tranquilico.com can you help you prepare policies, plans and train you for just such an event. 

Dec 08 - tranquilico.com have recently become partners of the Foreign Office 'Know before you Go Campaign'. If you send customers overseas and haven't yet enrolled then join up now. The campaign is aimed at promoting to customers the need to take out adequate travel insurance. It also urges them to  research their destination on the FCO website along with some excellent pre-travel tips. 

* Did you know 32% of customers research the weather before they go but only 10% check out any health & safety information.



for ultimate 'peace of mind'


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