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tranquilico has worked with some amazing people over the years - and some incredible brands. We're proud that we are consistently chosen by  travel and other organisations to help them with their health, safety and crisis needs

What People Say


Steven Purdham - Senior Product Manager - Macs Adventure

"Thank you Colin. If my calculations are correct, I make it that exactly 100 Macs Adventure employees participated in the Crisis Management Training sessions. They were transformative for us all in getting us back into the world post-Covid. For some, the training served as a timely refresher and for others it was a comprehensive tutorial, but it has clearly helped the whole team get back on track, feel well prepared and ready to move forward with safer adventures"

Graham Horner, Chief Growth Officer & Board Director - Macs Adventure

"Thanks Colin. A sobering session, but an absolutely essential part of the playbook and incredibly useful. Would recommend."

Jane Sebuliba, Manager Customer Experience - Kuoni UK

"On behalf of the Kuoni team I would like to thank you for facilitating such a successful Crisis Management session. It was above all an extremely informative, enjoyable and valuable session and the survey results clearly indicate that candidates both enjoyed the session and took a lot from it, despite the pressure they felt during the table top exercise. Your understanding of the subject and the challenges faced during a crisis was invaluable and your approach and delivery was spot on. Once again, thank you for making the session such a success and we will be in touch soon".


Richard Pickering - Saga Holidays

We were very impressed with Colin McGregor’s depth and breadth of industry and specialist knowledge and adopted all of the recommendations made to ensure the most efficient use of staff and resources and in order to minimise any potential risk to customers of Saga and subsidiary brands. 

Lloyd Boutcher, Director - Sunvil Traveller 

"Following a tender process firmly stood out and was selected to operate a land transport audit scheme on behalf of Latin America Travel Association members.  The membership incorporates tour operators, ground handlers, hoteliers, airlines and tourist boards.  It proved to be a good decision as we have made great strides since the inception of the scheme.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Colin who is extremely approachable, knowledgeable, practical and flexible.  He has a sound understanding of the industry and is widely respected.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone” 

Francesca Shepherd - 
Abercrombie & Kent

“For Abercrombie & Kent quality assurance is a key focus and ensuring that our standards are of the utmost excellence is of great importance to us. have been excellent in helping us review the health and safety standards of our suppliers and have helped us ensure that there is greater consistency amongst the plethora of suppliers we use around the world.”

Philip Holliday, Head of Travel - Liverpool Football Club

tranquilico helped us to improve our safety management system for travellers across the club, including first team, ladies team, academy, scouts and day to day business travellers. We now have robust safety policies and procedures as well as excellent crisis management plans for any incident which could occur overseas. tranquilico also helped us to recruit a full time member of staff to manage our Travelsmart programme. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Sophie Wright, Operations Manager - Martin Randall Travel

Our second full simulation with tranquilico was excellent and gave us the opportunity to put into practice the advice they gave us at the first. For three hours we were kept very much on our toes and Colin and his team tested us with new situations that we hadn’t previously considered – an invaluable exercise.

Julie Stephenson
Customer Care Lead - Exoticca

"After meeting Colin at an ABTA workshop, I felt pretty confident that Exoticca could really benefit from his knowledge about Crisis Management and I organised with him to come and hold a workshop for us.

Colin flew out to Barcelona and met with key members of our team and shared his vast knowledge about managing crisis within the Travel Industry. Everyone was very impressed with the concise and informative presentation that he gave. He left us with all the information we need to put together our own Crisis Management Plan and feeling confident that in the future we will know exactly how to react in an emergency situation.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending the services of tranquilico

Ed Pyke - Operations Director Simpson Travel

Guy Marks, Director - Tribes Travel

I've worked with Colin at two tour operators - once on developing our crisis mgmt capabilities and  once on a full safety system review and training plan.  Colin delivers accessible, pragmatic  and highly personal service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him  to any tour operators who want to improve their due diligence in any H&S related area

"We have worked with on the LATA Transport safety programme which they operate on our behalf. On the back of this they have helped Tribes to enhance our crisis management and safety management systems for the benefit of both our business and our customers. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other operators

Mike James, Operational Support Manager - EF Tours (US based Operator)

"Engaging the services of tranquilico has helped us to refine our practices, which has had a tremendously positive impact on our clients’ peace of mind and has enhanced the quality of our tours. Focusing our business on health and safety, has made a huge difference to our operation and we are very pleased to have tranquilico’s wealth of knowledge and expertise on such an important aspect of educational travel"

Simon Bostic, Head of Safety & Compliance - Charity Challenge

" carried out a review of our existing safety policies and procedures and helped us to make improvements and develop a strategy that have given us a more robust and comprehensive safety management system. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other travel organisations, especially small to medium sized enterprises who need efficient and straightforward due diligence processes"

Emma Snipp - Head of Safety & Responsible Travel - STA Travel

Colin set up the H&S management system for STA Travel back in 2010.  The basis of which is still used today and continues to be supported by Tranquilico although it has been developed further within the business.
Colin is very personable and makes H&S fun and enjoyable for all.  He is contactable at all times and provides excellent interactive annual training to our non H&S specific staff.  
His team are helpful, always open to new ideas and between them all have a wealth of knowledge and expertise which is really reassuring to fall back on

Thomas Power, MD - Pura Aventura

We have worked with tranquilico since 2009, with regular reviews of our safety management system and refresher crisis management workshops, helping us  keep our risk management in good order over the years. More to the point, it is a great comfort to know that they are there when we need them and even better to know that the more they do, the less likely it is that we'll need them in a live situation. I, and the team, have always very much appreciated the practical, approachable and supportive methods of Tranquilico, as well as the huge depth of experience that they share with us.


Alan Garner - Visions in Education

“I found the Crisis Management session incredibly worthwhile and a great refresher for things we all take for granted at the start of a busy season especially post covid when things have been forgotten or filed!
I came away from the session with a greater respect of what we as an organisation will need to do should the worst happen and a much fuller understanding of the responsibilities of each party involved.
The seminar was delivered incredibly professionally and simply enough that any travel employee would gain from it.  Would have no hesitation in recommending Colin and tranquilco”

Sam Clark, Founder - Experience Travel

"We had a level 1 crisis...and followed the  Tranquilico crisis plan. exactly.   It helped us ensure that we methodically covered all the bases and that we did things the ‘correct way’ even in a period of some panic and confusion on the ground. Our response to the incident was praised by one of the clients a few weeks after the event who said “an excellent crisis management response, put in place quickly and effectively – well done”

Alain Chissel, Chairman - Anglia Tours

"Face with putting together a crisis management plan for the group ...  I held a meeting with Colin from tranquilico.  . I cannot praise him and his company highly enough and would recommend both him and tranquilico to anyone looking to put together a Crisis Management Plan in the difficult times we now live in. I feel confident  ... we would be better equipped to handle major “events” more easily."

Adrienne O'hara, Manging Director, COGO Northern Ireland

"We considered a number of providers when looking at companies who could assist us in improving all aspects of our risk management, were the perfect match"

Directors of No Fuss Bus

We have used Colin several times and have found his knowledge and experience incredibly valuable, it’s been a pleasure working with him

Sandy Gibbons, Operations Director - Alpine Elements

tranquilico's Crisis management course was brilliantly received by all members of our Overseas management team. It was delivered to ensure managers at all levels found the course engaging and came away feeling much more confident and equipped to deal with crisis situations that might occur

Yvonne Ramsey, Senior Operations Manager - Explore

We have been working with tranquilico for many years now, they give an excellent service, prompt responses and keep us up to date with all relevant aviation updates: Highly Recommended

Matt Pavitt
Managing Director - Ski Safari

Colin ran a Crisis Management course for our management team in July 2018.  The content was all very relevant and useful, particularly the desktop simulation, and Colin is an engaging and entertaining presenter.  A great success in every way and highly recommended. 

Nigel Fisher - Wild Frontiers

The crisis management training really opened our eyes to the challenges we would face in a real situation and has proven invaluable for us to plan for the future.

Dan Quille, CEO - Choose a Challenge

Colin, just a quick note to say many thanks for last week's excellent crisis management workshop. It was great to see our team working so well together and the feedback from everyone involved has been very positive! We learnt a lot and I am sure we all feel a lot more prepared for this year's high season now

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