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tranqulico's services are easily defined: travel risk, safety and crisis management consultancy and training. 

Travel Risk & Safety


Travel Risk & Safety Consultancy

  • Meet to discuss your Risk & Safety requirements.

  • Preparation of a Safety Management System, comprising policies and procedures suitable for your business and its resource

  • Incident investigations & Carbon Monoxide investigations


Health & Safety Training

  • Half Day Health & Safety Workshop

  • Full Day Health & Safety Workshop including practical supplier safety assessment

  • Half Day Gas safety workshop

Health & Safety Training | tranquilico



Many tour operators have robust health & safety policies and procedures in place, some with dedicated teams.

Some also have full crisis management plans in place and carry out regular training, using these skills on a more regular basis due to the number of customers they have abroad. On a purely percentage basis they suffer more incidents and therefore gain more experience in handling them.

tranquilico specialises in helping travel companies of all sizes, but particularly small to medium-sized companies or those new to tour operating as well as sports travel organisers and the youth travel sector. We can help businesses who have been unable to dedicate time and resources to areas that are often put into the 'too difficult'  or 'it will never happen to us' box.

History has shown that those companies who have planned, prepared and trained are the ones who manage their crises most effectively with minimum impact on their business.

Those with effective health & safety due diligence systems in place are also better able to reject or defend claims and reduce any potential for injury, illness or fatalities.

Crisis Management


Crisis Management Consultancy

  • Meet to discuss your crisis management requirements

  • Prepare your crisis management policies and procedures, provided in electronic format so you can update yourselves going forward

  • Provide appropriate training to those who will be involved

  • Carry out simulation exercises to test your procedures

  • Mentor the company through any major crises


Crisis Management Training

  • Half Day Crisis Management Workshop with a desktop simulation

  • Half Day Desktop Simulation only

  • Half Day Full Simulation (putting your crisis management plan to a full test involving calls from relatives, victims, friends, authorities and the press)

crisis management training | tranquilico



tranquilico can guide you with affordable and effective solutions tailored to your business and its resources. We can get you up and running quickly for any eventuality.

Some of the issues we have dealt with:

  • Hurricanes in the Caribbean  

  • Plane crashes

  • Fatal coach crashes

  • Pool fatalities

  • Balcony fatalities

  • Hotel fires

  • Hotel evacuations

  • Destination evacuations

  • Significant Public Health issues - Sickness outbreaks, Legionella, cryptosporidium etc.


tranquilico has extensive experience in helping businesses to mitigate their risk through comprehensive crisis management procedures and also providing all the tools necessary to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.


Our staff have the knowledge and expertise to assist you with any risk management or crisis need. Quality, Efficiency, Reliability and Cost Effectiveness are our Mantra - for that Ultimate Peace of Mind

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